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We have over 40 plus years of experience in the industry serving as consultants and we know and understand the industry and technology.

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We specialize in helping start ups and small sized businesses work smarter and therefore grow faster. Our aim is to support you step by step to achieve your business goals by mentoring for lasting beneficial change.


Our vision
Our work is always evolving to respond to industry trends and management focus, and we combine our deep technical and personal skills in response to your changing needs. Over time, what we do remains closely linked with helping you improve the way you operate; assist with Government grants proceedings; innovate and grow; reduce costs; manage risks; leverage talent; and change the way you do business.
Our mission
Our mission is to put our expertise to work in your business or organization to provide positive benefits, value, and a great return on in your investment in our services.
Our strength
We stand for the highest standards of quality and integrity in management advisory and training services. Our reputation for uncompromising professionalism in everything we have earned by focusing on our client needs and serving over the existing expectations to earn their trust. ​Commitment, Time Management, Drive, Honesty, Consistency and a unique Customer Service are our strongest characteristics.

Our services

We advise through all phases of the process from planning and development to execution and follow-up.

Mentoring & Coaching

  • Corporate Training
  • Executive Training

We help entrepreneurs and corporate executives to develop new skills to work more effectively through tools and techniques including one-to-one training, facilitating, counselling and networking. Our aim is to provide coaching and give our clients accurate feedback about what to keep doing, start doing and stop doing which is the first step to improving personal effectiveness. 

Workshops & Seminars



Workshops will help you to write credible and defensible business plans as well as strengthen USP (unique selling proposition), team building and employee satisfaction.


Seminars will  focus on the management of key-issues and best practice, Like market and product analysis, business, marketing and sales strategies, customer focus for developing customer service and customer satisfaction etc.

It is our goal to guide our clients in the understanding of the three basic components of all businesses - organisational, marketing, and financial plans in order to develop good business practices, as well as create credible and defensible business plans. Your business plan will serve as guide throughout the life of your business and serve as the conduit for doing business internationally.

Training & Development


Problem Solving

  • Negotiations Skills -Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication Skills -Presentations Skills
  • Personal Selling
  • Managing Difficult Customers
  • Internal Communication
  • Telephone Skills
  • Handling Communication-Tools

Team Building

  • Conflict Management
  • Handling Difficult Employees
  • Strategies for acquisition and retention of staff


Keystone’s training and development consulting services focus on problem solving and team building activities to help businesses foster better and open communication between the employees themselves and the higher management. Successful team building in the workplace is translated into success for everyone.


Business & Marketing

  • Business Management 
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Service Design 
  • Budget Management 
  • Project Management
  • Interactive & Online Marketing 
  • Channel Management
  • Brand Building & Management
  • Retail & Merchandising Management 
  • Product & Service Management 
  • Advertising 
  • Promotion & Events            

Keystone’s Business & Marketing Services contributes to the development and improvement of a company’s vision and business strategy. By providing innovative marketing solutions and together with the implementation of business development solutions, we seek to successfully increase your business.


Our team

Meet our team member


Isabel Scherer

Managing Director

Years of experience: 25
Expertise: Business Optimization, Sales & Marketing and Training​
“I may not be able to change the World; but at least I will make a positive impact to the heart of your organization’s competitive strategy!” I am a trusted experienced leader who has the ability to determine what goals and strategies are achievable; and have the drive to help you make those changes to attain that goal. I have a lot of enthusiasm and passion which brings out the best in those around me; and in turn I am able to motivate your teams to uphold day-to-day operational and strategically standards to elevate customers overall brand experience.

25 years of practical work experience in different retail business departments and management positions, for which I have a proven track record and where I have achieved much success, have provided me with a multifaceted background. With my strong leadership qualities, soft & organizational skills and meticulous analytical capabilities, I am able to increase productivity & profitability by exceeding the company’s targeted sales goals. Through my observation of a situation I can provide the right training and coaching; whereby I am able to help clients stretch beyond their perceived limits and support them to achieve their business goals by utilizing their full HR and personnel potential. I believe that by creating a professional environment, employees from different demographic backgrounds feel included and empowered to learn. I am able to help develop innovative ideas to contribute to the overall business success. By providing guidance, I can help point the team in the right direction and provide support to the employees, who are the experts on their ground.


Charles Low

Technology Director

Years of experience: 18
Expertise: Technology Integration
"Advancing business through process and technological change!"
I am a strong Information Technologist with 18+ years of experience servicing fortune 500 companies in various technology areas and across multiple industries such as Automotive, Transport, Healthcare, Banking and Financial sectors. Specialized in strategic technical planning, system architecture, consulting, business development and system requirements gathering, I am able to solve business problems and address business needs through change in processes and use of technology. Additionally, I have great interpersonal and communication skills which help me to connect with people and help lead and guide them to meet our target objectives.

Belinda Hölzgen

Finance Manager

I became company holder of Keystone Business Consulting in 2014.
My work involves not only helping our clients gaining a financial understanding of business and about the right investment regarding to their strategy, but also to support them through questions regarding the visualisation of their business. The aim is to identify an individual business’s appearance, to gain a unique image which is recognised by clients.
I am always in search of new challenges to improve my knowledge, experience and skill set. For me, working at Keystone means to grow with our clients and work hard to help them achieve their goals.

I got plenty of new experiences after completing my four years apprenticeship in banking at UBS AG Switzerland.
After that I joined the External Asset Managers department at Credit Suisse, Singapore Branch. The two years I spent working for Credit Suisse in Singapore provided me with a solid understanding of investment banking. During this period, I also passed the CACS Diploma and Client Advisory Competency Standards, as set by the Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore.
Since 2013, I have been working for the Investment Advisory department at Credit Suisse in Zurich, where I got a deeper understanding of how important a well designed service process is to support our clients.
In addition to my roles in finance, I also have strong involvement in creative and artistic work, for which I hold the titles of Creative Art Director at Infinity Design and Creative Director at Keystone Business Consulting.

Son Le Duc

Administration & Research Manager

With my studies in International Business Administration and my background as a Vietnamese, born and raised in Germany, and travels around Asia-Pacific, I am equipped with a wide intercultural mindset. Furthermore, I enjoy meeting and connecting with people. These skills and passion help me in the understanding of our clients. I am in charge of the detailed supervision of the business activities in order to conduct researches which involves market analyses as well as our client’s internal analyses. My knowledge in Management Process, Economics and Finance help me evaluating these researches to give our customers the best solution and in the end an improvement in their performance.

Kim Ngoc Nguyen

Marketing Manager

I have been exposed to highly diverse environments my whole life, growing up in Germany and currently working towards earning my degree in International Business Administration. My asian roots have driven me far away from Europe in order to get a deeper understanding of doing business in South East Asia. As I consider myself a creative thinker, majoring Innovation & Marketing, my contribution to Keystone involves exceptional attention to detail, highly developed communication skills, and a talent for managing projects regarding the heart of our clients' business which lies in its Marketing.
I found Keystone Business Consulting to be extremely diverse, not only in terms of the backgrounds of each team member, but also in terms of their beliefs, personal interests and experiences. Therefore this diversity defines a major advantage that helps us to get to the best possible result for our clients.

Brian Pratadaya

Research Manager

I have a diverse background growing up in Indonesia and living in Singapore today. I went to Binus International School Simprug, located in Jakarta. My experiences comes from hands on projects that school and life offer, such as interacting with a local business and giving them consultation about their problems or how to improve them. Others include being interested in the service industry, because I love to meet and interact with people. With these few other experiences I have, I believe I can contribute to KEYSTONE, with my studies in Business Management and as a Research analyst.

Patricia Utama Prapta

Research Manager

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“I have known Isabel Scherer, Manager of Keystone Business Consulting, for many years since my desire to being more than a successful jockey and a dance instructor in Switzerland. After intensive coaching sessions with Isabel (Keystone’s Coach & Trainer) and objective analysis of my goals and skills from sports and performance dancing to different kind of fitness instructor; I found the perfect way to move on to a new chapter in my life.
The Keystone Business Consulting team is always willing to go the extra mile for me by providing what I want and need at the right moment. They are always there to support me throughout the implementation and open new sales channels etc.
It is a pleasure to work, grow and doing business with a company like Keystone, because they offer personnel support and provide real solutions for me with products, service to provide me with the competitive advantage which I need.
The relationship that we have has always been important to the success of my business. Keystone has gone the extra mile to support me from Singapore for new therapeutic products, instruments or massage skills.
Their solutions are great and their service is excellent. They always go above and beyond to ensure that I am satisfied. They have earned my business through hard work and dedication to making me succeed.”

BĂĽhler, Sandra

"Have you met someone so sincere in giving advises and sharing their knowledge and experience yet humble? I have personally met that someone. Her name is Isabel Scherer and that is what I call a real business coach. Tell you straight in the face what you did wrong and lift you up to the next level of the game. Business is all about meeting the right person at the start of building a company.
​ Wanting to start your own business but afraid to take risk? Then you should find time for coffee with Isabel for she will definitely be able to help bring that entrepreneur out from within you."

Kat Aziz

Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver results.


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